About Us

At HoweMedicalWorks, we are dedicated to providing our patients with outstanding and timely medical care. Our emergency clinic is a place where caring for your health merges with efficiency and professionalism. That's what makes us special.

HoweMedicalWorks is more than just an urgent care clinic, it is a place where every case matters and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure your well-being. With us you can be sure that your health is in good hands.


Our priorities

Safety and Reliability

We are committed to high safety standards, ensuring that every aspect of our care is reliable and safe for patients.

Empathy and Caring

We value every patient and understand that a caring and empathetic attitude is also part of successful treatment. We care about you as an individual.

Timely Response

In urgent cases, speed matters. Our team is ready to quickly respond to any medical situation, providing immediate assistance.


"The speed and accuracy with which the team responded made a positive impact on my treatment. Thank you, HoweMedicalWorks!"

Ivana Georgieva

"They are unfair to the body - thanks to HoweMedicalWorks, I feel empowered and confident again. I highly recommend them."

Stanislav Milev

"In a difficult time, HoweMedicalWorks was there for me. Their professionalism and care exceeded all expectations."

Margarita Dimitrova