Rapid response clinic

Worry turns into Concern, and Speed turns into Reliable Rescue. We merge efficiency with professionalism, opening the Doors of Quality and Timely Medical Care for you and your loved ones.



Dear friends and patients,

Welcome to our urgent care clinic - HoweMedicalWorks! Here, at the heart of your health, we are committed to providing you with outstanding care when you need it most.

At our clinic, we have combined the high professionalism of our team, advanced medical technologies and a warm, human attitude to create a place where you can feel confident and protected.

Each of us at HoweMedicalWorks strives to ensure that your experience is not just a medical intervention, but one of caring, understanding and support. We are proud to be your allies in supporting your health and well-being.

If you have any questions that need attention, or if you just want to talk, don't hesitate to get in touch. We are here for you.

Our History

Our journey began with one simple but powerful idea: to provide people with fast, quality healthcare at critical times in their lives. In 20XX, a group of distinguished medical professionals, inspired by the desire to make health care accessible and effective, founded HoweMedicalWorks in Bulgaria.

From the very beginning, we set ourselves high standards of quality and professionalism. Our doctors, nurses and all staff have been selected with special attention to their experience, knowledge and human qualities. We have created a team where each member brings their unique energy and dedication to the common goal of caring for the health of our patients.

Over the years, we have constantly improved, investing in modern medical technologies, improving processes and expanding the range of medical services. We strive to not only provide urgent care during critical times, but also to be partners in supporting the overall health of our patients.


Our Services

At HoweMedicalWorks, we are committed to providing a full range of services to support you through every step of your health. Our goal is to be your allies in caring for your well-being.


Our team is ready to respond instantly to urgent cases, providing highly qualified assistance on the scene.

Medical Consultations

We provide emergency consultations on a variety of medical issues so you can get immediate advice and support.

Laboratory research

Our state-of-the-art laboratories provide fast and accurate test results to aid in diagnosis and treatment.


"The speed and accuracy with which the team responded made a positive impact on my treatment. Thank you, HoweMedicalWorks!"

Ivana Georgieva

"They are unfair to the body - thanks to HoweMedicalWorks, I feel empowered and confident again. I highly recommend them."

Stanislav Milev

"In a difficult time, HoweMedicalWorks was there for me. Their professionalism and care exceeded all expectations."

Margarita Dimitrova


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